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Installation Tools

Specialist engineers at CMP have developed a number of tools that are best suited to installing our products in a safe and reliable manner and that avoid damage to material and equipment.

In particular we manufacture dedicated cable gland spanners, suitable for a range of sizes. These can be sourced from a CMP distributor or by clicking on ‘submit enquiry’ below. Adjustable spanners and wrenches are not recommended as there is a possibility of slippage that can lead to accidental injury or damage to the product or the surface finish.

We have also developed our own armour forming tool, which is suitable for armour wires of between 2.0-4.0mm. The tool makes preparing the armour wire for installation a far easier and much quicker process.

A typical range of tools required for installing cable glands is shown below. Please contact CMP if there are any installation tools that you would like us to source on your behalf: