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Themis 2 Bolt High Temperature Cable Cleat

The CMP Products Themis Heavy Duty, Two Bolt, High Temperature Fire Rated Stainless Steel single cable cleat which has been designed, constructed, and tested in accordance with the International Standard ‘cable cleats for Electrical Installations’ (IEC 61914:2015). It ensures the retention and securing of single cables, without damaging or deforming the cable.

These Fire Rated cable cleats can be used with fire performance cables to ensure the safe retention and securing of single cables in the event of a wiring system being affected by fire. These fire resisting supports help to maintain the electrical systems integrity for any critical circuits during an emergency situation to enable safe evacuation. The cable cleat is manufactured from High Temperature Stainless Steel making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Due to its unique twin arc internal patent pending design profile it exhibits excellent retention, limiting both the axial and lateral movement. The Themis Two Bolt cable cleats have an excellent range take and are suitable for cable diameters of 38mm up to 97mm in only five sizes. This cable cleat has two M12 clearance holes for securing it to a mounting surface, which allows for either M10 or M12 fasteners to be used.


  • Cast High Temperature Stainless Steel
  • Operating temperature -60°C to +150°C
  • 2 hour withstand excursion to 950°C
  • Fire tested to BS5839 / BS8491 / 55iBSEN50200 / BS8434
  • 38 – 97mm cable range take in 5 sizes
  • Two bolt fixing design
  • Can be double stacked
  • Excellent axial & lateral load retention
  • Corrosion resistant
BS 5839“建筑的火灾探测和报警系统。非住宅处所内系统的设计、安装、调试
6.1.1 Metallic 2BCHT - Two Bolt High Temperature Stainless Steel Cable Cleat
IEC 61914:2015
-60°C to +150°C
IEC 61914:2015 clause / part 6.2
950°C BS8434 (Fire, shock & water)
IEC 61914:2015 clause
10.0, 10.1, IEC 60695-11-5
25kN IEC 61914:2015 clause 9.3
5kN IEC 61914:2015 clause 9.4
Pass - Very Heavy
IEC 61914:2015 clause 6.3, 6.3.5, 9.2
Cast High Temperature Stainless Steel
Silver / grey

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Technical Illustration

编号电缆直径范围(英寸)外形尺寸(英寸)重量 (ozs)
2BC038048HT1.50 - 1.893.782.682.402.642 x M10 / M127.09
2BC048058HT1.89 - x M10 / M128.42
2BC058070HT2.28 - 2.764.693.582.403.542 x M10 / M1210.12
2BC070083HT2.76 - x M10 / M1211.91
2BC083097HT3.27 - 3.825.794.652.404.652 x M10 / M1213.72
2BC038048HT38 - 48966861672 x M10 / M12250
2BC048058HT48 - 581077861782 x M10 / M12297
2BC058070HT58 - 701199161902 x M10 / M12357
2BC070083HT70 - 83133104611042 x M10 / M12420
2BC083097HT83 - 97147118611182 x M10 / M12484