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CMP Products have over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of flameproof cable glands to the Oil & Gas Sector

Marine and Offshore

CMP cable glands can be found on some of the most significant marine and offshore installations in the world. Our cable glands are trusted by installers and engineers alike due to the design of the product and the ease of installation.

As well as the ability to perform in potentially explosive atmospheres, cable glands used in offshore and marine environments must be able to protect equipment against water ingress.

Even before our cable glands are sent for third party ingress protection certification, our researchers and product engineers carry out deluge tests on our products within our own IP testing facility. Jets of salt water are continuously blasted at our glands to ensure that they remain water-tight under extreme conditions and deluge protected to DTS 01:91.

DTC 01:91 specification demands that equipment should be capable of withstanding up to 30,000 litres of water per minute, simulating emergency deluge systems on offshore platforms; and CMP’s unique designs ensure that this is the case.

For examples of where our cable glands are used in offshore and marine environments, please contact a member of our team or speak to your local sales office.

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